Social Media

In today’s fast-paced world, Social Media is a critical component to any ministry’s success.  Having the ability to make a local reach and land with a global impact ensures the heart of any ministry to be communicated and as a result, challenges those that you might not have reached before to action on your behalf in those areas of the world.  Whether Facebook, Twitter or any other forms of online social community…we know it’s the breath of God that moves our words to flight using these tools.

You Can Be A Part of Our Awareness Teams Right Now!

What about you?  Are you feeling the pull in your heart to get involved?  Are you as outraged as we are that this insidious evil is being perpetrated on American soil – that our own youth and children are being dragged into this hideous form of slavery in record numbers?  You can start helping right now.  For one thing, you can help us spread the word by following us on Facebook and Twitter, and by re-posting and re-tweeting our announcements and videos.  Check it out:

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