The Defender Foundation has a wide range of experienced personnel on the Shield Teams. The Shield Teams are also partnered with Protocol Services, Inc.

Our Investigations Teams are headed by our Director of Investigations. He actively investigates both sex trafficking and labor trafficking cases with the assistance of a network being built of over 40 licensed, volunteer Defender Foundation Associate Investigators worldwide.

Our Investigators will investigate both Labor and Sex Trafficking operations. We will compile a concise report, and then hand it over to the appropriate authorities. If you or your company need professional protection, bodyguard and escort services, please contact us to put you in contact with Protocol Services. We gladly promote them as a supporter of The Defender Foundation. When they pull personnel from The Defender Foundation Shield Teams, a portion of the fee is donated to The Defender Foundation. Protocol Services specializes in Executive Protection and will do Diplomatic details. For further information on Investigations needed for the Defender Foundation or for services related to Protocol Services, Inc., contact us at

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