“Where Has Love Gone?” Music Video

The “Where Has Love Gone?” music video was produced to assist the Anti-Child Sex Slavery organization, The Defender Foundation. The purpose of this film is to draw awareness to a multi-billion dollar a year horror industry that stalks our children – yes, even our children here on American soil - and also make known the tremendous need for donations in ANY AMOUNT, to help The Defender Foundation continue our good work. The Defender Foundation’s mission is to prevent children from being abducted into the horrors of sex trafficking by offering community awareness training, education, building safe houses, and shelters, as well as rescuing those already held prisoner by sending out trained Shield Team members. This sometime comes at great personal risk to the members of our Shield rescue teams. The Defender Foundation invites you to watch this video and take action!  Please, DO share and repost this video on your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media pages.  You can be an important a part of saving a child out of this hellish industry.  If you live in Washington State, all donations will go toward the establishment of a Seattle Defender Chapter and the development of Destiny House – a shelter for rescued victims of child sex trafficking.



In recent months, there has been a growing movement in America to raise awareness about the horrific epidemic of human trafficking – specificaly, criminal sexual exploitation of children.  The Defender Foundation is not here to simply raise more awareness; we’re here to give you an opportunity to DO something about it.

An overwhelming majority of the victims of human slavery are children between the ages of 12 and 17 years old.  Once a child is sold, the average lifespan of each victim is just 2-4 years.  These children are threatened, beaten, raped, drugged, and sold. It is truly a hopeless situation with seemingly no escape.  Raising awareness about this issue is simply not enough.  We have produced the above music video and the PowerPoint presentation shown below, with the specific goal of rescuing as many of these children as possible.

The Defender Foundation is an IRS 501(c) 3 non-profit organization that brings both activism and action to this fight.  Our Shield Teams set up shelters and safe houses and risk their lives on dangerous rescue missions to bring these children out of bondage and onto the path of freedom.  The “Where Has Love Gone?” music video is a call to action that gives viewers an opportunity to support work of The Defender Foundation in a variety of ways.  With this video, we are hoping to reach peoples’ hearts all over the world.  By giving to The Defender Foundation, you will be helping to rescure child victims of human trafficking.  We want to give you a chance to be a part of this.


Of course, there are many good reasons why everyone should be a part of this fight; the greatest incentive of all is knowing that your gift will ultimately help rescue a child from a life of horrific bondage. So please, give now to this campaign and share this video with everyone you know on your e-mail list, your social networks and Twitter. It is time to take action. Together, we CAN make a difference.

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