The Demand

The Human Trafficking industry would not exist and be thriving the way it is if there were not such a high demand for the services that its victims are forced to provide. It is truly horrifying to think of the callousness and baseness of heart required for countless numbers of people to profiteer via the wholesale slaughter of the basic human rights of some 27 million people world-wide – particularly when a majority of this victimization of innocent masses involves satisfying an individual’s basest sexual desires.  Below you will find a few excellent resources discussing this topic.

Analysis of what Fuels a Demand for Sex

Global Centurion released a report concerning Demand Hubs of Sex Trafficking seen around the world. The report analyzed cultural impacts and external developments that shape the “demand” for victims in their respective regions. The report is quite informative and provides analysis of the trafficking effect that China’s ‘One Child’ policy had upon the country and surrounding regions (further discussed in an excellent article Female Feticide and its Impact on Human Trafficking), as well as trafficking growth in relation to the U.S.’s hyper-maculated sports/sex events.  To view that report, go to:

Traffickers Utilizing Craigslist

The Schapiro Group, conducted a Scientific Study in the Fall of 2009 examining the male patrons of young girl prostitutes in the Atlanta, Georgia region. The study was conducted by the Schapiro group posting several ads on Craigslist advertising photos of girls and illustrating crude sexual services. When the men would respond to the numbers listed in the ad, a ‘mediator’ would answer the call. This is quite common in prostitution, as often a ‘broker’ (many times a trafficker) is used to negotiate the price and weed out possible legal officials posing as prospective clients. So the mediator used would be able to ask questions about the male’s previous encounters, preferences and habits without raising suspicions and getting more truthful answers. The information collected from the men was then compiled and quantified. The report outlined:

“This first-of-its-kind study to quantify, describe, and understand demand for CSEC in Georgia paints a clear picture of the adult men who exploit adolescent females by paying for sex with them.  The numbers are staggering — 12,400 men each month in Georgia pay for sex with a young female, 7,200 of whom end up exploiting an adolescent female. These men account for 8,700 paid sex acts with adolescent females each month, which means that each adolescent female is exploited an average of 3 times per night.”


Traffickers Do Not Just Supply to Tourists, a Local Demand is Commonly Present

Identifying Local Demand for Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children-a Clip from the U.S. State Report on Trafficking states:

From Brazil to Cambodia, anti-trafficking experts and advocates have attempted for years to gain a better understanding of demand sources for the commercial sexual exploitation of children. In countries where this crime is prevalent such as Cambodia, Thailand, the Philippines, India, Brazil, Jamaica, and Kenya, popular perception attributes the main source of demand to foreign and predominantly Western child sex tourists. In Cambodia, for example, the media focus on sex crimes committed by foreigners, leading to a misconception that there are fewer local offenders. Such a perception leads to a disproportionate focus on addressing the issue of child sex tourism as opposed to the equally significant issue of child prostitution.

In a 2010 study conducted by End Child Prostitution and Trafficking (ECPAT) in Cambodia, all but one of 43 prostituted children surveyed in the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh said their regular purchasers were Cambodian men. Of the 13 prostituted children who reported having been sold as a virgin, eight said their rapists had been Cambodian.
A recent UNICEF study found that in Kenya, it is Kenyans who make up the majority of purchasers of children in prostitution. A 2008 ILO study found that there was widespread local tolerance in Central America and the Dominican Republic for the commercial sexual exploitation of teenage girls. Sixty percent of the survey’s respondents attributed responsibility for the crime to the victim or the victim’s family, rather than to the purchaser.

Law enforcement responses to the commercial sexual exploitation of children often reflect popular perception, leading to a lack of efforts to focus on local demand for child prostitution. In a few parts of the world, however, law enforcement actions are starting to reflect the realities of local demand. In Cambodia, a country where numerous foreign pedophiles have been prosecuted locally or extradited for prosecution in the United States and elsewhere, law enforcement officials are beginning to recognize the need to improve on this record. In Central and South America, law enforcement statistics already show that many trafficking-related convictions involve cases of local demand for child prostitution. While foreign sex tourists are still a source of demand for child prostitution and must be held accountable, they are often not the main source. Governments must ensure that in targeting sex tourists, they are not also ignoring sources of local demand.

The last part of the Demand problem we want to address is the role men play in this issue.  It goes without saying that there would not be a problem if there was not a demand for the services that come out of the criminal sexual exploitation of children.  The vast majority of this demand comes from men.
Gentlemen, we have a natural duty to be protectors. On average, a typical man is far more physically powerful than an average woman.  Men typically fulfill the role of protectors in our families, and rightly so.  It is beyond time for men everywhere to wake up and embrace the protective role given to you at birth. To any man out there who is involved in pornography, or sex for hire, we want to give you a cold, hard reality check: that young 10 to 15 year old has no great desire to be a playtoy for you and endless others.  Stop fooling yourself.  It is much more likely she has been coerced into this and that you are directly contributing to her hell-on-earth captivity by paying for her like she is an object rather than a human being.  Furthermore, your use of these young victims, ensures that more victims will be captured and sold, on behalf of you and your actions. Human trafficking victims are in great demand at our major sporting events and activities. We want you to understand when you go to that convention, or your Superbowl trip, overseas trip, Olympics, etc., that you need to take a stand as a protector, as a man.  We urge you, with all fervency, please do NOT support – in anyway – an industry that leads to the victimization of captives and the raping of children. No more lame justifications; listen to that inner voice that tells you that you know this is wrong; wake up and be a man.

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