EndSlaveryThe Defender Foundation is committed to finding and rescuing defenseless victims of Human Trafficking; removing them from danger; and restoring them, mind, body and spirit.

We are committed to working in tandem with existing law enforcement and human health agencies to ensure that every rescue results in a successful prosecution whenever humanly possible.

We are committed to developing and providing the unique support services necessary to rescue, house, rehabilitate and restore every human trafficking victim with whom we work to the full identity and destiny to which they were created.  It is not enough to simply remove a trafficking victim from the source of their abuse; The Defender Foundation is committed to creating care networks of collaborating service providers who are committed to walking beside these victims, seeing them restored to a place of health, wholeness, joy, and hope for the future.

And lastly, the Defender Foundation is committed to raising awareness world-wide in order to impede the spread of this insidious crime against humanity.  We are about active activism on a global scale.

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