Business HandshakeThank you for partnering with the The Defender Foundation.  All funds received will be used to further the work we are doing to identify potential victims of Human Trafficking, to free them from their captors, and to safely house them in facilities where they can be healed and restored to their god-given identity and destiny.

The Defender Foundation is run with very limited paid staff positions, and a very large pool of highly trained volunteers.  Our overhead accounts for only a small fraction of our operational budget, while the majority of our budget is spent on such things as:



  • Transportation costs for Shield Team members to travel to wherever the sex-trafficking victim is located;
  • Shield Team vehicles, surveillance equipment, communications, and safety gear;
  • Acquisition of safe houses for short-term use until rescued victims can be placed in long-term restoration and healing facilities;
  • Print media, such as development of videos, brochures, post cards, flyers, etc.  Whatever is needed to inform and instruct the public on the work being done at The Defender Foundation.

Your donations ensure that this important work continues on both a national and international scale.  To donate by mail, please download this brochure, complete the donation card, and mail to the included address.  Thank you!


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