Alright Colorado! You are next. We will be having a pioneer meeting for potential Shield Team and Chapter in a location TBA in the middle of November, 2013. Please write for details. We already have our advance team getting ready for the event. Let’s do this!


The Defender Foundation would like to welcome our latest Chapter in the North Carolina Chapter of The Defender Foundation. Welcome to the front lines!

The Defender Foundation is headquartered out of Jacksonville, Florida. If you feel there is a Defender Foundation Chapter needed in your area and are interested in how you can form a Chapter, please contact us for further information, screening and then a possible exploratory group going to your area.

At this moment, there is a temporary hold on forming new Chapters, as we are using this time to develop the Chapters we have in current development, all of which are not represented below, and our current full Chapters. You can still contact us with your intentions to start the vetting process and recruit like minded individuals in your area for when we start accepting new Chapters again. At this time, we wish to give our current developing chapters the tools they need to be successful in this fight.

We have established or forming chapters in the following states:

The Defender Foundation is organized to be replicated. All of the information, materials, expertise, and wisdom gained by each successive new chapter is shared with the entire national network.  No new Chapter should feel that they are alone in attempting to get their chapter off the ground.  Once it is determined that a chapter in your area is needed, then our national office will go about providing your chapter with best practices policies, training materials, marketing materials, etc.

Not every Chapter will have its own Shield Team. There is much volunteer work needed to be done by a standard Defender Foundation Chapter. Raising awareness, education and prevention are critical right now. It is too late to stop human trafficking from happening here, it is already deeply entrenched all over the US.  So now, our mission is to push it back. Some areas, where there is a lot of known human trafficking taking place, will need a Shield Team as part of the Chapter. These will be closely monitored, led and regulated by the home chapter. The current Shield Teams in North Florida are partnered with a Protection and Security Agency and there are many many liability issues to be considered in forming a Shield Team. Due to the nature of what Shield Teams do, they can be controversial as well. Many agencies are uncomfortable with groups, no matter how trained or professional or in fact maybe because they are highly trained and professional,… doing “rescues.” Many times it is easier to start a standard Chapter and then coordinate with the closest Shield Teams if that type of response is needed.

You will find that when you open a Chapter and start educating people, many of their eyes are open to what is happening around them and the tips will flood in. Advantages to opening a Defender Foundation Chapter is that you will have access to support, materials, organizational format and a Shield Team response if needed.

The Defender Foundation, Inc. is a true charity. In many charities, the raised funds go towards their victims and cause. The Defender Foundation is not your everyday charity. Much of our expenses by necessity go towards operations. Gas money alone for a Team in the field can be a huge financial stress for the Foundation. We can help coordinate your fund raising for published materials and media for awareness and education. We encourage you to be a boon to other organizations involved in this fight. Too often we see organizations jealous of other groups stealing funding and not concentrating on the victims. Often, The Defender Foundation has helped another organization and has not received a dime for its efforts or collected any funding on our behalf. We want other anti-Human Trafficking Organizations to know, that when The Defender Foundation shows up, we are there to help. We also want you to be a major support and fund raiser to any victim shelters being raised in your area. Another factor to consider if you are wanting a Shield Team formed as well, is the expense. Our volunteers are unique in that they are just that… volunteers. But still, equipment such as communication, night vision, optics, surveillance, uniforms, boots, tactical equipment, vehicles, gas money, food, etc., do not come cheaply. All that being said, we congratulate you on considering opening a Chapter. The Defender Foundation is about being effective; we want to be the most effective at what we do. The Defender Foundation is about Doing. For more information, please contact


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